Egypt reaches for its traditional pride of place in the Middle East

In the aftermath of the overthrow of Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, the military hanger ons who are transitioning Egypt to a ‘brighter’ future, has begun discarding the old chains of foreign policy that have weakened Egypt’s traditional, and perhaps guiding, role in the Arab world: Cairo has brokered a peace between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, thereby healing a five year old breach; with that, it has recognised Hamas in Gaza, which Muburak had collaborated with Israel to not only isolated but destory; and it has renewed ties with a traditional rival Iran.
These three steps burnish Egypt’s amorial bearings in the Middle East. Nonetheless, they have given Israel’s right wing Likud led government of ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu a giant migraine headache. Suddenly, the Zionist state is thrown off its stride of ‘bully’ and now is girding its loins for more setbacks. One anticipated setback is going to be the ‘de facto’ if not ‘de jure’ of Palestine on land which the Israeli occupied as booty of the 1967 six day war and has steadfastly illegally peopled with settlers and proclaimed ownership based on a hoary interpretation of the Bible. A Palestine recognised by the world community immediately challenges Israeli colonisation and theft of another people’s land; it raises the spector of a glood of Jewish settlers into Israel proper reminiscent of the abandonment of land and holdings of the French ‘colons’ in Algeria in 1962; it means a more radical shift to the right in the Zionist state and a re enforcement of the trappings of a proto fascist state thereby abandoning the long pretense of Israel as a democracy.
Restoring Iran to the comity of Middle Eastern countries is another nightmare for Netenyahu & co., who have tried by hook or by crook to sell a vision of a dangerous, nuclear Iran intent in casting its net over West Asia. If Iran is Israeli’s ‘existential threat’, the Zionist elite needs a good problem of mental health since what drives it up the wall is Tehran’s mocking the Zionist state by spoofing the ‘Shoah’ [Holocaust], which is indeed playing dirty pool. But Israel is only reaping the whirlwind it has sown.
Will Egypt’s new look at the Arab world hasten the crumbling of Pax Americana in the region? Probably yes, but not at breakneck speed yet. The Obama administration has condemned Egypt’s new breath of independent political life, and as expected, fallen back on its 60 year policy of support of Israel. Has the US not taken full account of the sea swell of change occuring in the Middle East? Although Egypt’s rulers cannot ignore America, it harbours doubts about Washington’s inability to respond adequately to newer conditions on the ground. They have more than a peek at a US which shows signs of hardening of the arteries in diplomacy.
Egypt’s latitude in foreign policy promises larger changes of fortunes in the Arab-Asian-African world where it by land mass and numbers and history and cultural influences has a very large share of the pie.

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