An historic day for Palestine

Today [4 May 2011] in Cairo history was made: Hamas and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement to put away differences and concentrate on furthering the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people living under the boot of Israel’s 43 occupation.

Today, to be sure, is an historic occasion for Palestinians in Gaza, the occupied West Bank, and in the Palestinian diaspora.

Israel’s right wing government headed by the Revisionist Zionist ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu issued a statement by which he called dealings with the Palestinian Authority dead on arrival and as is his wont, condemned Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

Netenyahu’s boldness knows no bounds since owing to his ‘Drang nach der Jordan’ has but one goal to parcel out the Palestinians in the West Bank into Bantustans made in Israel and absorb through accelerated Jewish colonisation what he calls ‘Samaria and Judea’ into a Zionist entity stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, based on the hoary reading of the Old Testament.
Truth be told, Israel’s policy is backed up by a 60 history whereby its conditions are the tar and substance of a one way street: in a word, they have the force of a steamroller which its pro consul and protector the US backs up to the hilt.
Today’s accord between Hamas and the PA is a shot across Israel’s bow that the old days are gone. Of course Netenyahu is prepared to start military initiatives, but judging by recent history — Cast Lead in Gaza, piracy and murder on the high seas, two lost wars in Lebanon — the US will not sanction them, the more especially since the Obama administration is trying to find its feet in the Arab world since the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, not to speak of its ham handed policies in Yemen and Bahrain.

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