Obama warns Netenyahu

Barack Obama is looking to amass us$1 billion for his run for the presidency in 2012. He talks big, but he stumbles on the walk to fulfill his promises.
His emissaries to the Middle East, Ross and Hale were able to breathe new life into the corpse of the ‘road to peace’: waiting for a two state solution and the birth of a Palestinian state.

So addressing American friends of Israel in an attempt to gather funds for his reelection, the American president, addressing a not so hard line audience, warned Israeli prime minister ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu to stop playing politics.
The right wing prime minister, who is wedded to a the dream of a revisionist Zionism of a Greater Israel has drawn so many lines in the sand thereby sabotaging any US effort to foster a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
Obama has the clout to bring Netenyahu to heel but won’t use cutting off US military and economic aid to its client state in the Arab world.
We have already seen the dog and pony show arranged by the Republicans in organising the occasion of Netenyahu to address a joint session of Congress.
Obama is too cautious to do anything but talk. Time is not on Israel’s side; in September, more likely than not, the UN will recognise ‘de facto’ and ‘de jure’ an independent Palestine, albeit one under 43 years of Israeli occupation. Should that come to pass, US influence in the region would suffer whip lash and a further erosion of its influence in west Asia.
And then we have to wonder what Obama will do when the Israeli navy attack

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