Obama warns US peace activists to not join the Peace Flotilla running the Israeli blockade of Gaza

US president Barack Obama has called on the 50 or so US peace activists, sailing on its voyage dubbed ‘Audacity of Hope’ [the title of Obama’s second book] as part of the 10 ship cavalcade of vessels forming the Peace Flotilla to run Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

As GuamDiary already commented, the Israeli naval authority had called up the flotilla to cease and desist otherwise the Zionist state would deal with any means necessary, and in violation of international law and freedom of the seas, as it did last year’s Peace Flotilla resulting in the killing of 8 Turks and one Turkish American on the ‘Mavi Mamara’.
GuamDiary wonders why the US president did not issue a stern verbal warning to Israel to refrain from using weapons against the flotilla? And what’s more, why he has not sent a no nonsense, strongly written letter to its prime minister ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu that should a US activist suffer injury or death, the US would react strongly and with sanctions?
As far as we know, the death of the American citizen of Turkish origins has fallen through the cracks, and the US limply protested it without any threat of or use of penalties.
At this stage of his presidency Obama should know Israel is a loose cannon who fancies itself as a law unto its own. It only understands one thing: force. The US has it in its power to cut off all military and economic aid it so lavishes on the Zionist state as Eisenhower did to Ben Gurion during the Suez crisis. In 1956, the Zionist state was brought to heel?
Has Obama the backbone of an Eisenhower?

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