Why does the second peace flotilla set Israel’s nerves on edge?

The Israeli right wing government of ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu is getting ‘jelly in the belly’ as the day draws near for the second peace flotilla to set sail for Gaza.

GuamDiary has already signaled threats from the military, the banning of journalists, for example. Now to spice up its readiness to attack the peace flotilla, an IDF spokeswoman is dabbling is the black art of disinformation: says she, some of the peace activists are sheep in wolf’s clothing: translation, they are armed with bottles of sulfuric acid to main, blind, or deeply scar any Israel special force who tries to stop the 10 ship flotilla.

Furthermore, a ship carrying the Swedish contingent and some Turkish participants, has been sabotaged, by having its propellors cut. It or another ship was discovered to have a pipe bomb which would have exploded and sunk the ship hours after it had left Greek ports. No one has claimed responsibility for these acts, but past behaviour by Israeli’s Mossad cannot rule them out.
Additionally, a pro Israel ‘Shurat ha-din Israel Law Centre has seized Greek government questioning the ships’ permits and assurance, but the more immediate target is to stop the flotilla from ever leaving port, and if that fails delaying its departure as long as possible, tying organisers up in courts and draining coffers; not only the immediate target, it seems, is the American ship dubbed ‘Audacity of hope’ [an Obama book title] since Obama himself has warned the American peace activists to not participate in trying to run the ‘illegal’ Israel blockade of Gaza.
Are this handful of ships and peace activists from 10 countries so powerful as to rattle the pillars of the Zionist state? Surely Israel is no Samson shorn of his locks by a Daliah: in fact, it is the most armed state in the Middle East with a cache of 200 nuclear weapons, a military industry which earns it big shekels, protected by an even more powerful US. So why should a group of ‘peaceniks’ send it into a panic? And so unsettle an Israel who thinks nothing of smashing weak neighbours; steal Palestinian land, and occupy that land with its own settlers, to fulfill the programme of a Revisionist Zionist dream of a ‘Greater Israel’ from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.
The short, simple answer is that the ground has shifted in the Arab world, and since ‘Cast Lead’ and the publication of the UN Human Rights Commission ‘Goldstone Report’, the imagine of Israel has greatly suffered, even though the Zionist state continues to strut around like the bully on the street.
The UN General Assembly will more likely than not vote to recognise Palestine in its upcoming session thereby upsetting Israel’s plans of mice and men. And that may very well example why Israel is running scared!

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