Israel flummoxed

Try as the right wing Likud led government tries to checkmate peace activists challenging Israel’s blockade of Gaza or illegally taking over Arab east Jerusalem or theft of Palestinian land on the occupied Palestian West Bank or the Zionist state’s implanting Jewish settlers on the stolen land, ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu & co’s grip is slipping on the establishing a ‘Greater Israel’ from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. As for the Palestinians well the Zionist state has not forsaken them: they are being consigned to cantoonments a la Apartheid South African ‘bantustans’, thank you very much.

Try as Israel, it is being overwhelmed by vagues of activists, Jew and non Jew, who challenge Israel’s occupation and denial Palestinians of their basic rights including the right to a state, in order to determine their destiny as they see fit.
Protesters in and outside the occupied West Bank and Israel are more and more adopting passive resistance. It is looking as though it is working even if their stated goal is momentarily thwarted.
The Peace Flotilla is but one example. Now, they are the people bringing Israel ‘fly-tilla’. Netenyahu has applied heavy pressure on the Hungarian airline Malev, Italy’s Alitalia, Germany’s Lufthansa from embarking protesters belonging to ‘Bienvenue Palestine’ from flying to Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.
Already they had to call out a phalanx of police to stop Israeli supporters with signs signs in English, Hebrew, and Arabic welcoming protesters to Palestine!
As a precautionary measure, Israel has drawn up a blacklist to deny visitors whom the Zionist state consider ‘undesirable’.
The blacklist in a way ‘gums up’ a multi million dollar media campaign to draw tourists to Israel. Tourism has suffered since Israel’s wars against Lebanon and Gaza. As such, in a sea of bad and unfavorable press, Israel is beefing up its propaganda machine to once again bring in hard currency. Peace protests are not helping this effort.
The kind, smiling face Israel is trying to present to the world turns ugly when the army and the police manhandle, injure, main, and kill civilians.
In a way, the delayed winds of the Arab spring is bathing Israel with a movement of the time which rock the pillars of the Zionist state. We may be overstating the case, yet in a strange way, passive resistance to the repressive Israeli military, police, and political authories is gathering the power to topple the walls of the Zionist political citadel in a metaphor

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