Eric Cantor: John Boehner’s bane

No doubt about it: Eric Cantor is after John Boehner spot as Republican leader of the lower house of the US Congress, and he’s making no bones about it.

Brash, arrogant, take no prisoners Cantor that is who he is from Virginia. Bold as brass, he takes no prisoners, so cocksure he is of himself.
Cynical he will do anything to advance Eric Cantor and damn the country!
Spreaking of country, which country is Cantor loyal to? GuamDiary already remarked on Cantor’s act of fealty to Israeli prime minister ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu as though he was a member of the Likud party. In the face of keen criticism, Cantor had to retract his act of fidelity to a foreign government.

Cantor is Jewish. He’s observant but does he know the difference between his personal creed and allegiance to a foreign state? That is a critical question, which remains unanswered.
Let’s recall it was Cantor who arranged with Boehner’s acting as his shill, for Netenyahu to speak before the joint houses of Congress. Every act of Cantor is to advance his own agenda and that of Israel.
His cloudiness on his obligation to the country of his birth, the United States, opens him to the question of dual loyalty, as well as an opening for anti Semites to accuse him of ‘dual loyalty’.
For the moment, with a swelled head, Cantor is riding the crest of the reactionary wing of the Republican party. Boehner may protect him from criticism for sabotaging ‘a deal’ on raising the US debt level, but Cantor is going for broke even though it might throw the country and the world in a global crash.

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