Obama’s put a ‘gone fishing’ sign on the White House

‘Gone fishing’ that’s what the golden throat Barack Obama has gone after the ‘debt crisis’. He dashed any lingering ‘audacity for hope’ as his term in the White House is running down to 2012. Only plain lack of judgment and a tendency to take ‘French leave’ in the heat of battle with the Republicans.

With what he calls a ‘balanced approach’ to lifting the debt ceiling, he has doomed the ordinary taxpayer to bear the weights and chains and dues of the plutocrats, the coupon clippers, and the wealthy. He has, in effect, put the ordinary American citizen on a bread and water diet; he has hastened the physical decline of America’s health of its citizenry as well as the government’s ability to function rationally.

On the vote of the bill to raise the ceiling in the lower house of Congress half of Obama’s Democrats voted against their leader’s poor vision; that split spells paralysis for Obama, and it wouldn’t surprise GuamDiary that in the 2012 convention someone will rise up to challenge him as the party’s standard bearer in 2012.
Obama will go down in American history as one of the worst presidents the nation ever elevated to the White House.
The chattering classes almost spoke in a single voice saying that he had endless opportunities to ‘throttle’ or challenge the Republicans, but each time, he caved. The president’s inability to rule is mirrored in his advisors who may, in may instances, be considered ‘the best and the brightest’, but are out of touch with the country and share a Whig vision of class rule that is a reflexion of the Republicans. In other words, it’s a school tie world.
Frank Rich’s inaugural article in the 11 July 2011 issue of ‘New York Magazine’ is a searing indictment on the Obama vision and first 3 years in the White House. [We recommend reading Rich’s article.]
‘Gone fishing’, too, is Obama’s base. More likely than not, the president may raise oodles of money for his reelection thanks to the bill on not raising taxes for rich and shifting the burden to backs of the diminishing middle classes and the hard working poor and the down and out, but he won’t get the support of his base in the way he did in 2008.
If the Republicans have Mitt Romney as its leader, Obama is a goner. And then the heavy burden the reactionary Republicans have visited on the American people will have to be undone, for the plain and simple truth that they cannot govern with the lack of money to run the country and feed the military industrialists and sustain a warfare state whilst at the same time impoverishing the vast majority of Americans.
Speaking of reactionary Republicans, we’re talking of the Tea Party Republicans who have come to Washington to turn the tide on big government spending. And lo and behold, they’re becoming as venal as any other politician by bringing home the pork to their districts. Without government funds for their home base, they would be voted out of office. How reassuring that something old is new again!

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