A black cloud hangs over America dixit Rick Perry

Texas governor Rick Perry’s not so subtle racism tells us a lot about his campaign for the Republican Party’s nominee in the 2012 presidential elections.

He is appealing to those who want an America of mainly, Anglo Saxon Protestants. His is an America of ‘old fashioned virtues’ which had to go to war to settle the question of slavery, free land, and free labour.
Perry’s style of campaigning goes for the jugular: remember, after the election of Barack Obama, he raised the flag of succession of his Single Star state, which, in itself, is a call to ‘lese majeste’. And his attack on Ben Bernake of the Fed is ringing the tocsin of treason.
A proponent of small or no government at all, he has gutted Texas’ educational system to such a degree that it ranks at the bottom of 50 states. He favours business to an extreme, thereby transforming Texas into a state of minimum wage workers barely keeping skin and bones together. No white envelope from his corporate backers lies unopened. Remember his gift from Ken Lay of Enron fame?
Corporate America like him: he has done and will continue to do anything to sweep away government legislation that will rein in their unbridled power.
Perry’s record is there to see if the media wants to investigate it. Will it?
Parsing his words at the ‘day of prayer’ he convened early in August, the Texas governor is mixing religion with politics which even the 90 per cent of Americans who profess a belief in a god, find disconcerting.
In brief, Perry is a corporatist in business, politics, and religion. It is not too much to say he is anti democratic and would easily feel comfortable in a proto fascist state of Salazar’s Portugal or Franco’s Spain or even the early years of Mussolini.

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