« Yes we care »

Matine Aubry has launched her campaign for France’s Socialist Party standard bear in the 2012 presidential elections.

Her campaign’s slogan is a riff on Obama’s ‘Yes we can’.

Will a slogan in English persuade Socialists to vote for her?

It is telling how ‘hard up’ the Socialists are in regaining lost political territory since the death of Francois Mitterrand. It is equally telling how low the party has fallen to copy cat the Americans!

Although the French language has absorbed English words and expressions in high and low culture, the French take great pride in being French. Aubry’s Anglophilia has gone overboard in slavishly borrowing from America.

Given the fall from grace and the ebb in the fortunes of Barack Obama, you would have thought Aubry’s inner circle of advisors might have come up with something French and eye and ear catching to win her the Socialist Party’s nomination.

Desperation knows no political ends.

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