At their own political peril, US South Korea dismiss Kim Jong il’s pledge as old hat

Barack Obama and South Korea’s Lee Myung bak have dismissed Kim Jong il’s pledge that he is willing to rejoin the long stalled six party talks in Beijing.

The two presidents who have linked their policies towards North Korea, are guilty of ignoring an opportunity to test North Korea’s willingness to abide by its 2005 declaration by which it promised to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing atomic programmes, Agence France Presse notes in Beijing.

A quick run down of joint US ROK policies towards the DPRK is a history of failure as these two allies pursue military, economic, and political avenues that have led nowhere save a brief exchange of gunfire along the Northern Limit Line when South Korean shells went into the North’s territorial waters in November 2010.

Even then reality and commonsense were absent in the Obama Lee tack towards North Korea.

Time is not on the side of the US and South Korea since their insistence of proof of ‘sincerity’ of Kim Jong il’s intentions when stripped of the false morality of the word means simply ‘do as I say or else’.

Kim Jong il may be many things but one thing he isn’t a coward: he won’t give in to US and South Korea blackmail.

In the end, Washington and Seoul will have to ‘cry Uncle!’, and wipe the egg off their faces as they bow to the inevitable, and, to them, distasteful, denounement of dealing face to face with Kim Jong il as an equal, and come to terms of reducing ‘nuclear’ tensions and tripwires in a divided Korean peninsula.

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