Palestine Authority bid to the UN

Mahmoud Abbas is shorting going to formally call on the UN to consider Palestine’s bid for full membership in that international body.
As president of the Palestine Authority his gesture has thrown more than a grain in the sand in the US Israeli led campaign to stay its hand in pursuing such a goal.
Suddenly the question of Palestine has become ‘the issue’ before the 2011 General Assembly. With this bid, the US threat of exercising its veto to block Palestine’s full membership will badly wound the Obama administration’s diplomacy in the Arab and Muslim world. Israel is hiding in the bunkers of its self imposed isolation by not seriously considering a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinian Authority; under the disastrous leadership of the right wing, revisionist Zionist ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu, Israel is pursuing a ‘Greater Israel’ agenda of a Jewish state occupying all the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, based on hoary biblical claims. Forty-four years of occupation of the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem, Zionist governments–left, right, and centre–have illegally confiscated Palestian land and encouraged illegal Jewish settlement on stolen territory.
Recent events in the Arab world have changed the region’s dynamics and the fallout has added spice to Palestinians to call upon the UN for recognition of a state of its own even though that state is under foreign occupation, as well as acknowledgment of 1967 borders.
Israel and its pro consul protector may block full membership but it has not the votes in the General Assembly to elevate a Palestine state to the rank of ‘non voting member’; such a move would open international conventions and treaties to Palestine, and as a ‘state’ it could pursue Israel before the International Court of Justice and other judicial venues for illegal land confiscation, settlements, violation of human rights, so on. Even less than full membership would upend 44 years of Israeli policy, underpinned by the US. However, the Palestinians are not ruling out Israeli army attacks in the West Bank and Gaza, out of Zionist frustration and failure to keep things the way they are; translation where Israel acts with impunity!
Tomorrow the New York police is bracing itself to keep in order a pro Israel rally on the UN. The figure of 10.000 is being bandied about. The demonstration might turn violent, out of frustration and rage by the participants. Of course, the marshaling of 10.000 is child’s play considering the size of New York Metropolitan area Jewish population. And since Israel is a ‘domestic’ American plank in the two major political party platforms, no one should be surprised by the presence of high ranking politicians, clergy, and the like.
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