Mahmoud Abbas pulls the chain on the US and Israel

Mahmoud Abbas’ speech before the UN General Assembly on 24 September 2011 pulled the chain on US’ and Israel’s street fighting policies to deny the Palestinian people a state of their own.

The Palestinian Authority president showed before the world body’s gathering the letter of application to the Security Council for full membership. By this act, he stripped the US of its right to broker a two state solution between Israel and the PA, and brought it back to the only ‘fair’ body that can act as a broker of peace between the two peoples and ease the birth of a Palestine state composed of the West Bank, Gaza, and Arab East Jerusalem.
President Obama’s speech was not directed to the UN but to his Jewish backers who do not see him as being ‘pro Israel’ enough and may very well not contribute to his campaign to run for the White House again in 2012.
Prime Minister Netenyahu, once again, arguing that the UN wasn’t the right place to birth a two state solution, made it clear again that he wasn’t going to honestly enter negotiations, for the plain and simple truth, for him, there is no Palestine only Judea and Sumaria which are the West Bank that he is tirelessly bringing into a ‘Greater Israel’ from the Mediterranean and Jordan in violation of international law and conventions.
Suddenly Abbas cut the ground from under Obama and Netenyahu. He defined an alternate way to achieve peace and a two state solution with clearly defined borders on the land which will house Israel and Palestine.
He broke the US Israel egg, and scramble the yoke any which way you like, in the end, the 44 year occupied West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem will ultimately be the state of Palestine with Hamas controlled Gaza.

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