Sorry Obama and Netenyahu, the UN is the right venue for the Palestinian question

You have to give it to Obama and Netenyahu in their attempts to grossly distort the truth why the UN is the proper venue for resolving the long standing Israeli Palestinian question.

The two leaders have engaged in a campaign on a grand scale to further propaganda goals of their own, and at the time not only disparge the UN but also to weaken its role as a peacemaker.

It was alright for Israel to seize the UN in 1948 for recognition of statehood. However, the Zionist state is also bound by UN resolutions as to the creation of a two state solution. Israel has evaded or ignored or simply showed a defiance of abiding by international conventions and laws, to deny Palestinians of a state of their own.

According during 44 years of occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, they have illegally grabbed land for settlements to house Jewish colonists. Dispossed Palestinians are pushed off their land into what looks more and more as South African styled Apartheid ‘bantustans’. For the Israeli agenda is the realisation of the Zionist goal of a ‘Greater Israel’ from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river’.
For Obama, caught in intractable economic morass and in the trap of its own 100 percent support of Israel, the Palestinian Authority bid for full membership of a Palestinian state in the UN has weakened any pretence that the US is an ‘honest broker’ in a two state solution. As GuamDiary keeps noting, Israel has become a domestic, election issue which mainstream politicians, including president Obama, cannot ignore short of political suicide.
The PA’s call has forced both Obana and Netenyahu to engage in innuendo, threats, half truths, and the like. Try as they might, they failed miserably in ‘trashing’ the UN and the aspirations of the Palestinian people.
It will be under the UN umbrella that negotiations can take place between Palestine and Israel can take place for a two state solution. Contrary to the Zionist blatther, Netenyahu has had to ‘recognise’ the 1967 borders even though he will work for Israel’s total occupation of the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem.
Gaza remains outside Netenyahu’s plans for a ‘Greater Israel’; it has its own independent existence which an Israeli blitzkrieg three week war could not dislodge a freely elected Hamas government.

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