1100 reasons not to believe Netenyau

Israeli prime minister came to undercut Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas’ call for full membership in the name of the state of Palestine in the United Nations.
He proudly thumped his oratorical chest by saying the UN wasn’t the proper venue for talks on a Palestinian state. The right place was outside the international body in negotiations between Israel and the PA.
Everything is on the table, he trumpted. But was it? With the US threat of a veto of the Palestinian bid at the Security Council and the obsequious treatment accorded to him by a supine American media, Netenyahu could and did return home to a ‘hail thee hero for a job well done’.
Basking in the glow of his PR campaign to thwart Palestinian aspirations for a state of its own, and a moment of supreme overconfidence, the Zionist prime minister gave the green light to the construction of 1100 housing units in Arab East Jerusalem and illegal Israeli settlement on the West Bank.
By doing this, Netenhayu was giving the ‘birdie’ to the Palestinians, the UN, and the US his most ardent backer. He was telling the world that Israel was above and beyond the rules of international law, and was a law unto itself.
If further proof needs be, Netenyahu is not willing to agree to a two state solution in the Palestinian matter. The record shows the many times he has held power, he has done everything in his power to sabotage the 1993 Oslo Accords and any and all negotiations with the PA unless they cave into to Israeli demands.

For him, as a revisionist, right wing Zionist, he embraces the goals of a ‘Greater Israel’ from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river which includes the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem. To him, the West Bank is the biblical ‘Sumaria and Judea’, which is God given land and not the land of the Palestinians.
Netenyahu’s gambit is open to challenge but not from the US: he full well knows that Israel has become an American domestic issue; in the upcoming presidential cycle, he also knows that American Jews have an influence far beyond the three percent they represent in the US population. And by and large, they support in contributions the Democrats. Obama, in a presidential election year, is in for a fight for his political career, so he will not push Israel hard on negotiations and will do its bidding at the UN.
As such, Netenyahu speaks with a forked tongue. And there is little reason to trust his words; only concrete steps in helping the Palestinians to have a state of their own will show that he is telling the truth.

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