Wanted 174 Israel military for crimes against the ‘Mavi Mamara’

Turkey is not taking Israel’s cavalier dismissal of its call for an apology and compensation to the families of the killed and injured and aggressed by the Israel Defence Force’s special commandos who illegally bordered the ‘Mavi Mamara’ in June 2010, killing nine Turks and hijacking the ship to the port of Ashkalon.
The Turkish ship formed part of a peace flotilla carrying non military supplies of food, medicines, educatioanl and building materials to Gaza. The eight ships had the intention of breaking Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza which its blitzkrieg three week war at the end of 2008 brought death to its civilian population and destroyed its infrastructure in what the Israeli called ‘Operation Cast Lead’.
To exact justice for Israeli crimes of piracy and targeted killing, Turkey has published a ‘Wanted’ poster of 174 pictures and names of IDF military involved in the assault of the ‘Mavi Mamara’ on the high seas in violation of international treaties and conventions.
Now each participant in the raid has a ‘price on his head’, meaning he or she is libel to pursuit before international courts of justice.
No longer can Israel get away with murder and mayhem. Justice, if not in Israel but elsewhere, hold Israel responsible for acts of murder and violation of international law.
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