Iranian terror plot: can you believe the hoopla by the people who brought you Iran Contra scandal or Saddam Hussein’s WMD?



The bungled plot by Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington has almost as many holes as a colander. It gives one to pause. We know little or nothing but what the Obama administration tells us. The feckless American media, as is their wont, swallows the story hook, line, and sinker as it did over the Tonkin Bay incident or the yellow cake from Niger or Saddam Hussein’s WMD. For sure, some voices are heard about the shakiness of the story line; the primitiveness of its logic, and what looks like the fudging of evidence.

Since the whole ‘truth’ may never be known–national security you know, GuamDiary remains skeptical. We have a right to be questioning the details as the US government has presented as well as the banging of pots and pans of secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the chancelleries of the world, to gain international support in condemning Iran. Iran, of course, denies any fingerprints on the plot to kill the Saudi ambassador.

What heightens our sense of doubt is the appearance of the usual list of suspects who have long been itching to take out Iran in a preemptive nuclear act or in an exercise in medium tech warfare: the US and Israel.
So we wonder about the grand hoopla that is fueling America’s forward policy to bell the Iranian cat one way or the other, including war.
Can we trust the same US who brought up the Tonkin Gulf set up or Iran Contra or Saddam Hussein’s WMD. American history is replete with clerics and jurists who will go to extreme lengths to forge documents to make sure its ends justify its means!

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