Can “they” stop Julian Assange?


Julian Assage, fitted out with an ankle bracelet without being criminally charged, announced ‘Wikileaks’ may wind down for lack of contribution.
In a peak of hot rage, the US government has put pressure on the likes of Via, Mastercard, Amex, Pay Pal, Amazon, and the like to not accept contributions to ‘Wikileaks’ for outing the US by making public US diplomatic cables. The opinions expressed in these cables have make live uncomfortable for the hegemonic US by revealing what American diplomats reported on the spot from world capitols, without the polite veneer of diplomatic ‘langue de bois’. The revelations did bruise the American government’s ego and caused much anguish and some soul searching among its allies.

Since some of the cables were ‘classified’ on the lowest level, inside the US, the Obama administration quickly airbrushed internet links to ‘Wikileaks’, threatened government employees with stiff sanctions if they were caught reading the cables on line, and pulled down the curtain on information which the world press, but not necessarily the US mainstream media, commented on the cables’ info.
So the ordinary man on the street was kept in ignorance, reading only what media cleared with government censors what they could publish. Outside the US, the curious American would have to look at, say, the British ‘Guardian’ for a complete list of some quarter million documents.
If the Obama administration couldn’t abduct Assange and bring him to trial in the US, it used other means: economic blockade on contributions, trumped up charges of Assage’s sexual misconduct in Sweden, even though the evidence was found wanting, and pressuring the British to extradite the man to Sweden, the lack of criminal charges notwithstanding.
And the economic blockade has borne fruit: ‘Wikileaks’, impoverished, might shut down if it cannot raise cash to continue operations. Suppose ‘Wikileaks’ does close, it has already proved it was a ‘giant killer’ against the world’s only superpower.
Obama & co. may pat one another on the back for a job well done, but do they really believe they could silence Julian Assange.
Let’s suppose ‘Wikileaks’ does shut down, you can bet your last pence, it will come to life in another form, for multiple are the ways of circumventing the censor! And in the end, Assage will have the last laugh.

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