Occupy Oakland becomes America’s ‘West Bank’


Just before dawn on Tuesday, 26 October 2011, the Oakland police along with 16 other police enforcement agencies [unnamed and underreported] swept down on ‘Occupy Oakland”. Discharging tear gas and rubber bullets, they came in swinging batons and fists to rout the ‘Occupy Oakland’ protesters in a park opposite City Hall.

Thanks to cellphones and independent media on the spot, images of this ‘war zone’ are available on YouTube and other social networking channels.
The Oakland police, infamous for its brutal, no questions tactics, had taken a page out of the Israeli occupiers of the West Bank by the use of rubber bullets and tear gas and charging peaceful protestors. Not only that the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have come to ‘Occupy Oakland’ big time.

By miracle, Scott Olson, a single casualty: a two tour Iraqi veteran who returned home without a scratch got hit in the head with either a rubber bullet or more like a tear gas canister. Suffering severe trauma to his head, he lies in a coma in an Oakland hospital. His doctors hope that he will not have brain damage when he regains consciousness, but they cannot say for sure.
This incident recalls the same scenario that happened on the occupied West Bank a few years ago. Then, the Israel defence forces aimed gas canister at the head of a free lance US journalist. He spent long months in a hospital with severe head injuries before returning home in poor health.
The police act on the orders of the powers that be. Oakland police’s use of force has a historical trail going back to the days of the Black Panthers and the great strike of 1946.
Their attack on ‘Occupy Oakland’ met by passive resistance on the part of the protesters has won the ‘occupiers’ new friends and aroused some revulsion in the larger population.
The assault is symptomatic of how sacred the plutocrats who pay the politicians and run America are!
And two days later, the occupiers have returned to reclaim their camp in Oakland. The spectacular stupidity of the police, servants of the ruling classes, has given the ‘Occupy…’ movement new energy to press further with demands to transform and change unruly free market, casino, capitalism!

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