Anonymous? The common man

‘Anonymous’ has a silly premiss: Shakespeare ‘fronted’ for the talented, 17th earl of Oxford Edward de Vere. The film asks the question how could a commoner be so talented as to leave the world a treasure trove of plays and poety of the highest literary value?
De Vere’s name pops up during the 1920s as the man who wrote Shakespeare. Long caught as a red herring, this piece of invention has been brought to the screen, and alas will scratch the eye’s with a trace of falsity: for now say ‘Shakespeare’, think Edward De Vere. Consequently the genius of the Bard of Avon is tarnished by falsehood and historical fanciness.
Yes, how could a man of the people have the imagination to be a Shakespeare? is a good question to raise in our age of gross and growing disparity in wealth and privilege in an age of financial capitalist domination, mayhem, and disaster for the working classes and the poor.
The rich believe, they, and only they, are to the manor born [even though they will spend millions to falsify family origins], with rights and privileges that only come down from the gods; the poor, well, though the bible may say ‘they are the salt of the earth’ are only there to serve the plutocrats, coupon clippers, and the riff raff that hang on to their coat tails; they are destined to ‘serve in silence’, accept their lot, slave away for only one purpose: to serve the gods’ ordained rich who are, they are told, their betters.
There is nothing fanciful in saying this. Government report after government report firmly establishes that the divide between the top one–some say 0,001–percent has grown wider and deeper in its share of a nation’s wealth. In the US, for example, the self satisfied rich own as much wealth as 140 million households! And the difference in earnings of, say, a CEO and a worker on the line is as much as 425 percent.
How then did these blood suckers gain wealth? You haven’t to go far for an answer: on the backs of the working classes and the poor, who are the true creators of a country’s wealth. You don’t need to read Marx to get it, the answer is blowing in the wind!
Today with the world teetering on the brink of an greater economic recession than the one the big bracket American banks created and induced in 2008, it is on the backs of the working classes and the poor that the rich will be bailed out, and sustain a class of parasite and leeches in the style of living they claim is natural to them! Eyewash!
It is the old sorry: the economic royalists rob and plunder the wealth the workers create. And in doing this, they have planted the seeds of their own destruction, believe it or not.
Already in the spread of ‘Occupy Wall Street’, the stirrings of the people, or as they say the 99 percent, are causing heartache and heartburn in the boardrooms of the plutocrats, ill ease among the politicians they buy for a pittance, etc.
Remember the old union saying, an open hand has little clout, but close it into a fist, and … well that is the message that is being heard. How long will the working classes, the white collar drones, and poor have to submit to such peonage and serfdom to a worthless, tiny sliver of a ruling class? That is the question? And oddly enough ‘Anonymous’ says it well?

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