Douglas Feith Israel’s ‘shabbos goy’

Douglas Feith had opinion piece in 2 November 2011 issue of the ‘Wall Street Journal’. Feith is Israel’s ‘shabbos goy’, you know the guy who turns on the lights for pious Jews who cannotduring the sabbath lest they violate G-d’s commandments as the rabbis define them.

Feith argues that Israel should become a presidential issue in 2012. Blimey, Israel is a US political issue that no one running for office an evade, given the tentacles and influence of the Israeli lobby represented notably by AIPAC.
A long time Republican insider, as a lawyer, he has connexions with an American Israeli law firm with headquarters in Tel Aviv.
Feith is not Jewish and that makes him a prize to front for the Zionist state in America’s political establishment and ruling classes and Republican party.
Better known for his hand in creating false info on Bush’s invasion of Iraq, like all ‘failed’ bureaucrats, he is on the faculty of the Georgetown’s prestigious school of foreign services and is a fellow at the right wing New York based Hudson Institute and a director of the Center for National Security Strategies.
As is his assigned role of Israel’s ‘shabbos goy’, he plies his trade in trying to influence US policy towards Israel or upend any attempt to expose Israel’s sins of omission and commission and interference in American political life contrary to US law.

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