China buys North Korean coal

Pouring over Chinese data, South Korea’s IBK Economic Research Institute has concluded almost a tripling of North Korea’s anthracite coal to China this year. In other words, coal export rose from 3,04 million tonnes to 8,42 million tonnes, worth us$852 million.

The US and South Korea have tried every trick in their grab bag of foul and fair means to punish North Korea until it accepts demands of theirs that Kim Jong il & co. deem unacceptable.
Hear the gnashing of teeth in Washington and Seoul as China benefits from the DPRK’s vast wealth in minerals which through the US and South Korea’s spectacularly stupid foreign policy they have no access to.
Smug and self righteous, the US and ROK are not punishing North Korea, you can say, only themselves,to help develop the DPRK. And China laughs as does North Korea the recipient of hard foreign currency that escape the US ROK embargo.

Who has the last laugh, we ask you?

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