Gangarene alerte chez Murdoch

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch’s empire is stricken with spreading gangarene. Already he has had to lop off the money making ‘News of the World’ to stave off the spreading disease of scandal that in the longer run will topple him and his family.
The ‘fer de lance’ which is ‘The Guardian’ announces that as a reward to ‘NOTW’s’ editor Rebekah Brooks a severence packet of us$2,7 million for her loyalty? as a guarantee to keep her mouth shut?
Younger son James has soon to testify again before a parliamentary committee to answer new evidence which strongly challenges his original business school blather when he first appeared before the parliamentarians in summer 2011.
More, it looks that more and more journalists are willing to talk to authorities about the widespread telephone hacking of royals, missing and dead youth, elected officials peccadillos, so on. The rot has spread to the profitable British ‘Sun’ and may as well become noticeable in the ‘Sunday Times’, which Murdoch owns.

Investigation of hacking of 9/11 victims and families in the US appear quiescent at present, but there is no indication that the enquiry has been abandoned.

Murdoch is no choir boy, but even he has to wonder how the scandal has darkened him in the eyes of his centenarian mother in Australia. He may very well be his father’s son, but has he betrayed his highly respected mother?

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