Herr Bloomberg’s police state


[Bloomberg buys election]

Speaking in measured tones, Herr Bloomberg has quietly been setting up a police state in New York, to crush ‘Occupy Wall Street’.

No better example is the 1:15 am police attack on the OWS at Zuccotti or Liberty Square.

OWS has shaken the pillars of New York’s finance capitalism and has posed a serious challenge to Corporate America that pulls the strings in Washington so that the puppets they buy in Congress willingly do their bidding thanks to infusions of big bucks.
With each day, the protesters have increased the ill ease of the plutocrats and power elite and their rag tag army of camp followers to such a point something had to be done with an iron fist.
Herr Bloomberg’s police has resurrected a network of surveillance of not only the protesters but any New Yorker who expresses a favourable opinion of OWS, as well as expresses keen criticism of his disgraceful manner of governing which can only favour the monied classes making up the one percent who own 40 percent, and perhaps more, of America’s wealth. Could Herr Bloomberg act otherwise, a billionaire himself?

The New York mayor has curtailed press coverage of OWS marches, protests, and events, even going so far as to having reporters arrested by his Blue Shirts, headed by the swollen headed Ray Kelly who boasts of the New York Police Department’s ties to the CIA and other spy organisations, We call this intimidation, but it’s much more. Herr Bloomberg and his storm troopers are trampling on the US Constitutions and the right of citizens to protest and expression their opinions. He is practising ‘prior restraint’ which the US Supreme Court has struck down as illegal.

But does Herr Bloomberg care? Hardly. He is there to wage class warfare with his police in battle gear as though they were fighting in the marshes of Iraq or the mountains of Afghanistan or the jungles of Vietnam.
Herr Bloomberg’s attacks on the fundamental rights of New Yorkers reminds us of the policy of ‘augleichung’ which Hitler imposed on Germany 80 years or so ago.
Strip the seemingly reasonable veneer off Herr Bloomberg’s persona, you will find the fascist in the making.
The economic crisis of 2008 has exposed the corruption and decadence of America; OWS’ voice has resonated loudly across the land and the global, saying we won’t take it any more and we denounce and challenge the war Herr Bloomberg & his crowd are waging against the poor, the working and middle classes.
And look at Herr Bloomberg’s language: first responders translates into his army of Blue Shirts batons drawn, pepper spray and rubber bullets ready for use, to put down any citizens’ challenge to the system.
Herr Bloomberg may get cheers from his fellow coupon clippers and plutocrats and the decadent ruling class, but he and they are on the losing side of the battle!

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