Is the PAP the only political party in Singapore?

Anyone reading ‘The Straits Times’ would come away with the impression that the only game in town is the People’s Action Party. Yet in the 2011 General Election Singaporeans sent six opposition candidates to Parliament, causing consternation among the ruling elite.
Still, the ‘Times’ hardly breathes a word on the Workers’ Party which broke PAP’s stride, especially in Aljunied where the longtime PAP favourite and minister George Yeo went down to defeat.
WP’s significant showing has sent PAP into soul searching, and the ‘Times’ prints endless articles in the ruling party’s intentions of trying harder in order to respond to the changing tastes and aspirations of Singaporeans.
You have to go to social networks to hear the opposition parties for they are steadfastly denied any space in the media which PAP has erected a firewall to keep them out of public view.
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