Customer service

Ah, customer service. It is a service to cater to customers, seemingly. A no brainer, you’d think. Wrong.

The plain two cents truth of the matter is that the service you pay for buys you cold comfort no matter how good and loyal customer you are.
The companies do not care, simply put. Complain, threaten, gather steam in stress and headaches, the service you get on the other end of the telephone is: suck up and get over it. Read: the companies that sop up your money, fees & the like, do give a bloody damn!
The push a pie in the face attitude of poor service comes down to the companies you rely on for service do not care one whit whether you like it or lump it.
And recourse is limited, so they think. You need us more than we need you, they say with insouciance. Is that true? Our diminishing buying power translates into a slimmer bottom line, higher bonuses of senior manager notwithstanding.
Well, tickle me Elmo! If you’re not satisfied with the service you’re getting…you’ve a choice. And if you can live without it, simply cancel your subscription or put your money on another horse.
In a society which relies heavily on the consumer, the consumer is king. It’s is high time for customers to form a ‘union’ of their own and vote with feet and purses. If that doesn’t improve service, well, the company is the loser and down the tube will it go.
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