Occupy Wall Street: the New York Times rewrites history


As is it wont at year’s end, ‘The New York Times’ its ‘Sunday Review’ featured a photo essay on the major events of 2011. In featuring ‘Occupy Wall Street’, the reader’s eye got a jolt at the way not only of the way ‘the Grey Old Lady’ fudged the historical record but chose to rewrite history.




Here’s how the ‘NYT’ saw the end of OWS’ occupation of Liberty Plaza [Zuccotti Park]: when the cold weather came, the tents folded, and like caravans of old, moved on. Now, at that a kick in the head?


The newspaper of note in a few words repudiated its own stories and photographs of what was happening on the ground; it simply massaged the record by spinning out a Disney cartoon.

The editors simply came down on the side of the ‘one percent’, which is not surprising since the ‘NYT’, a multimillion corporation, listed on the New York Stock Exchange backed up the plutocracy of Wall Street that saw in OWS a direct challenge to its crimes of precipitating the global economic recession of 2008, the widening of economic inequality, and the spread of the sybartic and decadent life style of the coupon clippers, the buying of elections, and ultimately the subversion of American democracy by the rise of a police state at the beckon and call of the corporatisation of the economy and the decadent rule of finance capital.

As every school child know, OWS was uprooted violently by an early morning assault by New York Police at the orders of the billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg who acted on behalf of his class. The tents were uprooted and trashed by the Sanitation department; heads broken by police batons or the raw fists of a police with little respect for the law it is supposed to obey and respect. There were arrests, occupiers roused from sleep in tents, so reminiscent of Nazi storm troopers, the trashing of a 5000 volume lending library, destruction of a medical unit, so on. In sum, the mayor and his thugs acted as though they were in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, and saw in the peaceful OWS as ‘terrorists’ cut from the same wood as the Taliban or the Vietcong.

And what happened in New York in November 2011 has happened again and again at Occupy protests through out the land smashed by the steel fist of a militarised police force.

Realty has a way of unmasking the ‘NYT’s’ big! lie [shades of Josef Goebbel]. Did Corporate ‘NYT’ think that it could through sand in the historical eye? Apparently, yes!

GuamDiary cannot leave it at that. It is time to protest and demand that the ‘NYT’ admit its fudging of history and offer an apology for its primative, crude sleight of hand of ‘correcting history’ [an old totalitarian trick!]

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