Kim Jong eun wants to talk

Whilst the main street media in the US and ROK and elsewhere harp on the threat a ‘nuclear’ North Korea poses for the world as Kim Jong eun assumes leadership, it blithely downplays his willingness to pick up his father’s moves to talk to the US.

North Korea’s desire to talk should quiet the nervous nellies in the US and ROK, but it doesn’t, the more especially as GuamDiary has long documented these two allies with a single minded purpose to topple the rulers of North Korea press unreasonable demands.
The Obama administration and the revanchist South Korean regime, headed by the lame duck Lee Myung bak have tied food aid to political demands. Translation, they are pressing an ‘advantage’ to stare North Korea into submission through sanctions and bad faith in negotiations limited as they are. Not only that, the US pledged us$900 million in food aid which it dropped on hearing the news of Kim Jong il’s death. Instead of honouring it, the US announced that new talks are needed with the new North Korean leaders? Why? In order to take advantage of a situation where Washington thought it could bully the new kid on the block as US North Korean clerics call Kim Jong eun. If such is the thinking of those who advise Obama & co., they misread the will of the North Korean leaders and people. And they always have. Instead of living up to its promises of food aid, as a gesture to a change in leadership in Pyongyang, and thus signal a willingness towards a new tack, the Obama administration reverted to its old tricks of going back on its word.
As GuamDiary has never stopped saying, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong il, and now Kim Jong eun wants to negotiate with the US, but the US has mulishly resisted reversing engines and sailing in fresher channels.
Still, North Korea has not stopped trying to talk to the US. And by resisting, the US has not moved from A to A prime in dealing with the DPRK.
And the loser is not so much North Korea but the US and its ‘client’ South Korea.
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