Here we go again in the battle of territorial claims and name changing

Yep, here we go again. Japan has ‘dibs’ on East China Sea islands they call ‘Senkaku’. China and Taiwan claim them as their own, and to them, they are the ‘Diaoyu islands’.

These three countries are not only talking of national pride and of course, appeal to history to justify claims of theirs. There, however, is an overarching economic reach in pinning names on maps to these islands. We’re talking of fishing rights as the fishing wars grow sharper owing to overfishing and depletion of fish that make up everyday diets. And of course, the potential pot of gold of oil and gas deposits that lie, it is said, under the sea floor.
Somewhere or the other, South Korea will enter the territorial fray as both China and Japan lay claim to offshore islands Seoul says that it has right and title to.
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