Bill Keller–government shill

“New York Times’ Bill Keller is full of himself. And he lets you know it in his opinion pieces.

He is well known for going after Julian Assange, and making a bundle of money from his attack against the ‘Wikileaks’ founder.

Keller like his boss Sulzberger fils run to the government every time the ‘NYT’ has a hot potato on its hands. It did just that with the few documents it published from ‘Wikileaks’ quarter million diplomatic cables.
Puffing out his chest as defender of freedom of the press, Keller showed the documents to the US government before printing them. Why? To distance the paper of note from any government retributions. The jailing of Judith Miller put the bejeezus into Keller who at that time was executive editor. So to avoid messing around with the department of justice, he showed his hand to the government in advance, and hid behind his own smokescreen that he was a defender of the first amendment.
Aussange called him on his lack of journalistic integrity, and what’s more denied the NYT documents.
The slap in the face was too much to bear: thus, he began his smear campaign against Assange which he continues today. And as a result, his purse has swelled since he sold his story to Hollywood. We can well image the scenario: Keller the knight in rusty armour defending the faith and soul of a free press. Phooey!
Bill Keller has shown than he is a government stooge when all is said and done.
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