Flash: US DPRK come to an agreement

The US and DPRK have come to a meeting of minds in Beijing at last. 

The US will provide 240.000 tonnes in food aid; the DPRK has agreed to stop nuclear test, uranium enrichment, long rang missile testing, and inspection of Yongbyon nuclear complex.

The US can preen feathers that its unremitting pressure on North Korea paid off. Kim Jong eun, in his first venture in negotiations, has signaled to his people that he holds their health and welfare high in the country’s interest.

The break through is well. However, the US has not always held to its word in the past. Let’s hope, the Obama administration has learnt something in sticking to agreements. The DPRK has strong cards to play if the US plays funny games.

The announced agreement is an omen that the end of the Lee Myung bak regime will not be followed by another member of the GNP in the Blue House, and that after the 2012 elections at year end, a reanimated version of the ‘Sunshine Policy’ will emerge. And means, detente and improved relations between the two parts of a divided Korean peninsula.

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