How to dumb down American education and destroy public shools

Arcane we call the model New York City Board of Education has come up with to rate teachers.

The formula is as equally confusing and consistent in its goal to break the teachers’ union and strives to dumb down the spread of learning in publicly funded education.

Today, the paradigm nationally is called the ‘Global Educational Reform Movement’. Aptly abbreviated to GERM. Yep, a deadly virus to turn America’s youth into widgets of the free market; into low paid drones who will carrying out appointed rounds to fatten Wall Street and corporate pursues.

With the use of computers, evermore sophisticated and rapid in function, the teacher becomes a monitor in the classroom to deal with technical problems but not impart learning.

Predetermined programmes with narrow scopes will prepare the future Ford like assembly worker with the minimum skills needed for Corporate America of the future.

The GERM formula is as mystifying and prone to error as the sleek models the Wall Street bankers used in devising poorly understood and lethal models of such things CDOs. We know now to our horror what economic pandemic it brought the world in 2008.

GERM is not serving our youth at all. It is reformulated eyewash to increase the yawning class divide and driving the US to its ultimate decline.

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