James Murdoch: damaged goods

Steve Bell cartoon

During last summer’s parliamentary commission hearings on “News of the World”, it was obvious James Murdoch looked like a deer caught in headlights.

To the television viewer, he looked as though he were giving the truth a good arm twisting, he was also denying any involvement. And to avoid the spread of scandal his papa Rupert Murdoch shuttered the venerable and highly profitable Sunday rag.

Now, Scotland Yard has come into the picture looking at the ‘industrial like operation’ of suborning politicians and police on another Murdoch tabloid–‘The Sun’.

Papa Murdoch put his finger in the leaky dyke of his newspaper empire by kicking his once heir apparent James upstairs to his television holdings in Europe and Asia and exiling him to the US to protect him from perjury and prison in the UK.

Damaged goods young James is. His exile puts a cap on a promising career as his papa’s golden haired boy. Of course, James is not without clout in the Murdoch empire, but he has become the black sheep of the family. Perhaps when he’s 60, assuming that the Murdoch family still controls News Corp., he might prove himself worthy for the mantle of leadership.

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