Fear monger Netenyahu comes to Washington to bury Obama’s re election chances

Ultra nationalist Israeli prime minister flew into Washington to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee annual convention, which has drawn 13.000 to the US capitol.

Unlike last year, the Zionist bigwig will not ‘dis’ president Obama, he has come not to praise him but to bury the 44 US chief executive’s chances of being re elected in November for a second term.

In this, he is ably assisted by the right wing Republicans who have done everything to unseat Obama; for them, he represents everything that is not American beginning with his blackness, his polished manners, and even his conservatism which, broadly speaking, would not have made a moderate Republican blush.

Obama has done the unspeakable: one, he made a speech in Cairo which sent chills down the ultra nationalist Zionists in Israel and the illegal Jewish colonies in the Palestinian West Bank. He has timidly suggested ways to end the Israeli Palestine divide by backing a two state solution that overwhelming favours Israel. But even that is seen as his waving a red flag in front of an impatient bull.


Netenyahu’s is a revisionist Zionist who wants nothing but a single Jewish state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, one ‘Arab rein’ as much as possible.

And now, the Zionist enchilada has Iran as a club to whack Obana over the head with. Netenyahu may or may not want to bomb Iran, but his threat to is pushing Obama to back him up all the way.

The US has a treaty that guarantees America coming to the aid of Israel if the Zionist state is attacked. But if Israel attacks Iran, the US is under no treaty obligation to defend its client and ally. So…you get the message.

Attacking Iran is a foolish notion which leaves Israeli civilian open to missile attacks and loss of limb, life, and property. Iran is no Iraq; it is better equipped and has long range missiles that can strike anywhere in Israel.

Netenyahu & his intelligence analysts dust off the loss of life as though the notion were crumbs on a table cloth. They cite Iraq’s Scuds ineffectiveness during the first Gulf War. They are wrong to be so cavalier, it seems.

Additionally, Bush’s failed war in Iraq has introduced permanent stationing of US military in neighbouring Arab countries and ports. Suddenly, Israel’s bully image and role as military arbiter in the Middle East is greatly damaged and weakened.

Thus, Israel through its AIPAC lobby is pulling strings to play the US for all its wants, to maintain its dominance. But times and conditions have changed. And the American people, let alone the US economy, will not welcome yet another failed war in the Middle East, one that bring down Israel’s dreams of hegemony heavily down on its head.

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