US Israel: Two different clocks

Ultra nationalist Israeli prime minister ‘Bibi’ Netenyahu is a braggart. Not on his watch will he allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb, says he.

America’s president Barack Obama, on the other hand, preaches patience so that sanctions will bite deeply into Tehran’s hide that the Islamic Republic will abandon any pretensions of becoming a nuclear power.


Iran, for its part, according to US intelligence, is not building a bomb. Israel says that it is, basing its charges that if Tehran is building centrifuges for peaceful uses, Iran has veiled behind its stated intentions Iran is really building a bomb.

Netenyahu full well knows that building a nuclear power plant to generate electricity means that potentially that country has the possibility of developing weapons. Iran says it isn’t; US intelligence confirms Tehran’s words, but Netenyahu insists that he knows better.

The right wing Zionist prime minister is engaged in a campaign to force the US to cover his back if and when he gives the order to attack Iran’s nuclear installations.

Obama is taking a longer view, so his clock doesn’t tell the same time as Netenyahu’s.

Let Israel attack Iran alone if it so wishes. It will break its teeth. Iran is not Gaza where Israel’s army is shelling Palestinians. Tehran has the materiel and the wherewithal to inflict heavy damage on the Zionist state.

If Netenyahu carries out his threat, the US should let him go it alone. And then let him pick up the pieces of what left of Israel as he wails and gnashes his teeth over his failure.

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