Kinder, Kuchen und Kirche American Style

Something is wrong in America. Is it the last hurrah of the religious right wing? the last gasp of the white petty bourgeoisie? or the forerunner of America’s unstoppable decline?

The current crop of candidates vying for the Republican Party’s nomination as standard bearer of the pack of elephants in the 2012 presidential elections seemingly combine the worst elements of a home ground proto-fascism.



Huey Long tersely did call it ‘fascism wrapped in the American flag’; Nathaniel West spoofed it in his ‘Cool Million’, and Upton Sinclair in ‘It could happen here’.

Women, immigrants, Muslims, and blacks haunt of the corridors of the GOP pathology. Women especially, it turns out.

The big blowout by the grotesque windbag that is Russ Limbaugh brought the women’s issue to a head. His branding a 30-year-old law student a ‘slut’ for wanting her health insurance policy to cover contraception and abortion at the Jesuit run Georgetown University broke against a tsunami of a backlash from women and the White House. In fact, it helped alienate many women who would vote Republican as well as many practising Catholic who do not follow the letter of Church law.

The message of the reactionary Republicans is a rephrasing of the good old slogan the Nazis used: ‘Kinder, Kuchen und Kirche’. Woman’s place is in the kitchen, the bed for making children, and attending church.

The mentality of rollback has seized the delusional Republicans. Try as they might, and try they do, the clock cannot be fully turned back to the a mythical time when everyone knew his place in America.


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