More disinformation on North Korea

Pyongyang announced that on the centenary of Kim Il sung, the DPRK intends to launch a long rang missile to put a satellite in space to commemorate its Great Leader.

Thus, the world is alerted. Suddenly there’s a furore of bellyaching by the US and South Korea. North Korea has broken its recent agreement with the US to cease its nuclear activity and not to launch long range missiles in exchange for food. Now that piece of paper may not be worth much.

The US is always crying that the North Korea’s can outwit it when it comes to negotiations. A statement that carries a great deal of truth. Yet, Pyongyang’s announcement of celebrating Kim Il Sung 100 birthday is rather ham handed.

Did the DPRK hint during negotiations with America that it was going to send up a satellite? Maybe, yes; maybe, no. Nonetheless, the US and its allies have long known that North Korea was going to celebrate its founder’s century with great fanfare.

So, Pyongyang’s alert to the world is not a sign that it is violating the spirit of the US DPRK accord.

Yet, it has given unnecessary mileage to the US propaganda mills that it is also going to test another atomic weapon. Not only that, the US, South Korean, and western media have been trumpeting the bellicose statements coming out of North Korea, without mentioning the unending joint US ROK military exercises along the Northern Limit Line within spitting distance of North Korean territorial waters.

It is important to remember that during one such exercise South Korean shells landed in DPRK waters. Forewarning Seoul that it would respond to any hostile action, Pyongyang did that in November 2010.

Its response sent shudders through the Obama administration but not the Lee Myung bak revanchist regime in Seoul. Lee & co. have with single mindedness gone out of their way to provoke North Korea into a war like action.

It got its wish, but the US kept Lee’s finger off the gun, and prevented the reopening of the frozen Korean War. It didn’t need a third losing war in Asia which would push the US economy towards ruin.

Nowhere do we find mentioned that technically the US and South Korea are at war with the DPRK and China. So, it is in the interest of the US to keep pushing the DPRK towards collapse, especially during the Obama reign at the White House.

And so the disinformation continues. The American people have hardly any memory of the stalemate that left a bitter taste in Washington’s mouth during the Korean War that has no peace treaty. The Korean War broke US’ feeling of supremacy for the role it played in world war two. And after Korea came Vietnam and a string of other smaller defeats for the US.

And so the disinformation goes on. Washington refuses to talk to Pyongyang and has come up with cockamamie policies to topple North Korea—practically all based on sand and fanciful imagination and of course, bound to failure!

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