Occupy Wall Street fetes its six months birthday

Occupy Wall Street is not dead, nor has it emerged from a period of winter hibernation.

Roughly handled by police, evicted from Liberty or Zuccotti Park, OWS has held demonstrations, rallies, sit ins, and other community activities. The main street media has studiously ignored them.

On 17 March 2012, OWS feted its six months anniversary. It has proven not only that it has staying power, but it has changed the ground rules of political discourse by its slogan ‘We’re the 99 percent’.

By those four words, it has put the rich and the super rich in the spotlight for gaming the system in their favour; it has neatly buried the Horatio Alger myth–anyone can make it in America if he only tried.

Imagine the majority of Americans yelling that it is alright to raise taxes on the rich, who steadfastly bought off Congress to maintain privileges, at a time when cities across America are collapsing under mountains of debt, firing teachers, slashing benefits, thinning out medical care, closing schools and hospitals, and the like!

On St. Patrick’s day, OWS in the hundreds returned to reclaim Liberty Park in Wall Street where in November 2011 Mayor Bloomberg and his police brutally ejected them.

Symbolically, they set up a ‘tent’ to stake out OWS’ claim to the park which according to an agreement is open 24/7 to New Yorkers.

The New York police were there in force to stop OWS. Caught on television, once again the public worldwide could see how savage, brutal, and repressive the police are. The order is: prevent OWS from indicting the big banks and corporate America for the harm they are visiting on America and the world in the wake of the global 2008 recession that they created.

New York’s billionaire mayor is in the forefront of doing everything he can to quash OWS popularism and preserve the privileges of his class.

Recently a middle manager of Goldman Sachs resigned with grand fanfare. The ‘New York Times’ printed his farewell in its op ed pages, to Goldman’s deep embarrassment. Greg Smith accused Goldman of ripping off its clients for personal gain. Mayor Bloomberg in the midst of the brouhaha decided he would visit Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s CEO, because he needed a friend.

Do the taxpayers of New York need to befriend Goldman Sachs? OWS answers with a loud and resounding NO!

Little wonder the mayor and his police are doing everything to cripple if not crush OWS. They won’t succeed!

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