Don’t cavil about North Korea. The US and South Korea only have themselves to blame

The launch of North Korea’s Kwangmyongsong-3 rocket to put a satellite in space is part and parcel of the 100 birthday celebration of its founder Kim Il Sung’ birth.

How else can you send up a satellite into orbit but on a long rang missile? The DPRK’s intent is peaceful, yet to listen to the mock tears and gnashing of teeth by the US, South Korea, and Japan, not only has North Korea, again, broken agreement’s but like the leopard will not and cannot change its warlike spots.

Balderdash! So ideologically fixated on the idea that North Korea can always be counted to do wrong, the US & co. see a warlike motive in the sending up of a satellite to mark Kim’s centenary.

And yet, why not look at it as though it is that giant candle on a birthday cake? The satellite is more a symbol of national pride than anything else. Its purpose is peaceful, no more, no less.

North Korea’s nuclear advisor to the recently signed agreement with the US, has announced the imminent arrival of IAEA inspectors to monitor North Korea nuclear program. Surely, if proof need be, North Korea is living up to its part of the accord by carrying out a moratorium on its nuclear programme.

Satellite to one side, the agreement does not mention satellite launches. So….

The US and South Korea are so intent in boxing in North Korea that they lose sight of Kim Jong il’s and Kim Jong eun’s pursuit of talking to the US.

In the short run, Lee Myung bak’s GNP is going to lose its grip on power in the upcoming parliamentary elections, and South Korea will embark of a modified ‘Sunshine Policy’ with the North. Such a move will ease tensions that Lee has done everything in his power to heightened since he took office in 2008.

If South Korea softens its stand to the North, the US will have to change its policy which is wedded cheek to jowl to Lee’s.

In the end, the unwillingness of the US to engage in talks with North Korea simply underscores the bankruptcy of a policy that ignores the reality on the ground.

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