For the US, North Korea can do right!

North Korea has announced that the trajectory of the long rang missile launch of a satellite in honour of the centenary of founder Kim Il Sung will take a southwards path over the Pacific.

As the US, South Korea, and Japan had already began beating war drums that they would not hesitate to shoot it down if the missile violated their air space. Well, it won’t.

A southwards path indicates that the sending a satellite into orbit is not an act of aggression; on the contrary, it is a peaceful demonstration of the DPRK’s filopiety towards its founder.

Of course the US, South Korea, and Japan do not see it in this light. For them, the DPRK can do nothing right. In consequent, the US is calling on Malaysia, the Philippines, and even Australia to make vociferous demarches with Pyongyang protesting that the satellite launch will put their country’s security in danger.

Eyewash, pure and simple. The US has hardened George W Bush’s policy towards North Korea. It thinks of the DPRK still as an ‘axis of evil’ state, and even if it signs an agreement with it–like it did on 29 February–it will do anything to sabotage it.

The Obama administration is ideologically bound to force ‘regime change’ on North Korea. So far, it has failed miserably, the more especially since its policy is based on a 65 year old Cold War policy of ‘rollback’, which even back in the 1950s, failed badly.

Simply put, the US approach to North Korea is not only out of date, but programmed for failure.

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