Unclear who’s running North Korea, says Obama

What an admission! The president of the world’s only super power has no klew as to who is, as he puts it, ‘calling the shots’ in Pyongyang.

Obama’s words speak poorly of the US state department and 59 variety of intelligence services that he has at his beckon and call.They are an indictment of the intellectual bankruptcy of America’s North Korean clerisy.

What a waste of US taxpayers’ money. Hundreds of millions, if not billions of US dollars have been lavished on training diplomats, scholars, spies, journalists, businessmen, and military when it comes to North Korea, and what do you get from president Obama? We’ve no idea of what’s going on in the DPRK.

Many US North Korean clerisy regularly visit North Korea; many more pore over North Korean publications like Talmudic scholars trying to interpret the ‘sacred DPRK lore’. Many more spend long years on reading North Korean literature, newspapers, pamphlets, and the like, and like La Fontaine’s mighty mountain give birth to a mouse of an idea. In a cost benefit analysis, those years would be written off as a waste of time.

You have to scratch your head and wonder why the US simply doesn’t talk to North Korea instead of shunning it or threatening it with sanctions, or striving to overthrow its leaders.

If America established diplomatic relations with North Korea, it would be in a better position to know who’s running North Korea, you’d think.

Instead we get a fanciful novel like Adam Johnson’s ‘Orphan Master’s Son’. Johnson briefly visited the DPRK and came away with his observations applied to the fertile mind of an accomplished writer.

There may be a grain or two of truth in what he says, but the rest is pure fiction. The more engaging Inspector O detective novels by James Church, a retired or active duty spook , are more engaging and a tad bit more informative; yet, even they take flight into fancy.

In March 2010, the CFR brought out a special report on Korea, a compilation of the summa theologica of the US North Korean clerisy. It was and is a piece of hopeless thinking: to a man and a woman, the unanimous conclusion by these experts in government, the university, military, and business came to a return to early Cold War policies: to ‘rollback’ the North. Imagine, after almost 60 years of trying to get a handle on North Korea, the ‘intellectual’  heft of the best minds money can buy came up with ‘rollback’.

Had these ‘great’ minds forgotten, the ones that got rolled back were the US UN-led troops during the Korean War? Had they also forgotten that North Korean troops and Chinese volunteers threw Macarthur & his armies back to the 38 parallel? Apparently, for them, like for Americans in general, history is of little value.

And so, when Obama fully avows that no one knows who’s calling the shots in North Korea, it is a full and complete confession that after 65 years and perhaps a little more, the US has been spinning its wheels when it comes to the DPRK.

Such an avowal speaks poorly of the mighty US.

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