Mind your own business, North Korea tells Obama

North Korea will not put off its satellite launch in mid April, Pyongyang announced. The KNCA’s release was to be expected.

In no uncertain words, president Obama was told to keep his nose out of North Korea’s business, as well as hawking double standards.

Putting a satellite into space during the massive celebrations planned for the centenary of the DPRK’s found Kim Il Sung has a peaceful purpose. The satellite, once in orbit, will broadcast patriotic songs. [China’s first satellite played ‘The East is Red’, almost a half century, for those who do not suffer from long term memory loss!]

GuamDiary sees in Obama’s murky calculus in condemning the North Korean launch of a satellite launch not only a cynical cover for continuing the US policy of not talking to North Korea, but also the poor quality of Washington’s advisors on North Korean policy.

We have often commented on the US’ own avowal that North Korea is America’s worst intelligence failure. Does not it stand to reason that American representation in Pyongyang might go a long way in filling this void?

During the Cold War, the US embassy in Moscow had a better chance of understanding the ins and outs of Soviet policy. Kremlinologists then might have made mistakes but at least they had people on the ground to correct them.

When it comes to North Korea, America is left holding a bag of guess work, most of which is fanciful, spun out of full cloth, or cut and pasted to fit ideological perceptions which touch on the surreal.

If Obama scuttles the 29 February agreement on food aid, the DPRK will not collapse; the US has tried to hem it into a web of sanctions and isolation, but that has not stopped North Korea from state of the art rocketry nor denied them aid from countries who do not fear the US.

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