No food aid for North Korea, say Peter Lavoy, secretary of defence for Asian and Pacific security affairs

GuamDiary readers should not blink an eye at the Obama’s administration’s decision to not send food to North Korea.

You might say that it was a foregone conclusion the moment North Korea announced a satellite launch in mid April during the centenary of Kim Il Sung.

The US is the aggrieved party, it would seem. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Is it truly?

US suspends North Korea food aid plans

The record shows that the US will twist itself into a pretzel before it really engages with North Korea.

The Obama administration will continue stigmatising the DPRK, sewing on its chest the red label of duplicity. Truth be told, it has done everything it could to box North Korea in, so that Pyongyang will cry ‘Uncle!’, and throw in the towel to Washington’s demands and conditions.

North Korea has withstood a sustained US boycott longer than Cuba. And as fare as everyone knows, the DPRK and Cuba have not collapsed nor given into US blackmail.

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