ASEAN to ponder North Korea’s satellite launch

You’d think that the ASEAN countries would have more important things to discuss than North Korea’s proposed satellite launch in mid April to commemorate its founder Kim Il Sung’s centenary.

Well think again, they will: sending a satellite which will be emitting patriotic songs will have a destablising effect not only in a divided Korean peninsula but in southeast Asia, too.

What about the spreading violence in southern Thailand? What about the continuing soft apartheid in Malaysia? What about religious extremism in Indonesia? Or the Moros and NPA in the Philippines? Or China’s claim to islands in the South China Sea, that 5 other countries assert belong to their country’s patrimony?

But a single satellite shot into space by North Korea is of paramount concern! Give us a break, lads! Crumbling under US pressure is more to the point than any other consideration, in Washington’s aggressive policy of regime change in North Korea.

Anyhow, North Korea intends to put into space a satellite, like it or not. What will the ASEAN countries do then?

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