US tricky game in Syria

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has been leading the charge against Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad, with a vehemence she reserves for those on her list of the most wanted bad men.

Had she any shred of historical memory from the time her husband was in the White House, the policy that she and the friends of a free Syria are pursuing with dedicated purpose, Clinton would realise that she and they are going down the same garden path that led to the chaos and civil war that occurred in the 1990s as Yugoslavia began coming apart.

The US’ role in Libya is no shining badge of honour. Although Qaddafi is dead and gone, internal conflict, traditionally historical division, and building a country up from ground zero will take a good generation or more.

America’s presence is Yemen simply mirrors its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Arab world is treated as America’s game reserve. Yet, Clinton doesn’t hold all the cards even if she thinks she’s holding a strong hand. Russia and China can and do trump her at times.

The US is playing a dangerous game indeed in Syria through clandestine military and financial aid to a divided and inchoate Syrian resistance.

As leader of the US diplomatic rat pack, Clinton’s idea of dealing with other countries leaves little wiggle room for negotiation. Simply put, her country’s concept is ‘my way or the highway’. It is an Orwellian view of the world where war is peace.

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