Rumour: Israel will attack Iran from Azerbaijan

A rumour has been floating here and there about a possible route for Israel to attack Iran. And Azerbaijan might very well be that path for air strikes against Tehran’s nuclear facilities.

Azerbaijan borders on Iran. Israel is a major supplier of arms to Baku, a country a wash in oil in the Caspian sea. Although a nation with a Muslim majority, religion plays no role in its ties to the Zionist state.


In fact, Azerbaijan is a perfect solution to Israel’s difficulties in bombing Iran from Israel itself. There will be no need to refuel in  the air, nor expose its jet fighters that are equally matched by Iran’s air force and anti aircraft defence.

By allowing Israel landing rights, Baku might be giving Israel the answer to the flaw in its strategy and tactics of attacking its ‘existential enemy’ Iran.

GuamDiary watchers, keep an alert eye out for more developments on this matter.

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