US doesn’t need Iran to stir up anti American feeling in Afghanistan

The Obama administration’s irritation with Iran is growing shorter each day. Secretary of state Clinton put it this way: all options are on the table if Iran does not stop its nuclear programme.


And now, according to leaks from the American ship of state in Washington, there’s a new hole in the boat. Iran is stirring up anti American feeling Afghanistan as attacks by Afghani troops–the good guys in the war against the Taliban–are killing US troops.

Well, the US’ 10 year track record is proof positive enough to document growing anti Americanism in Afghanistan.

So why make Iran a scape goat? Well, if Israel is going to attack Iran, a good justification is needed? Or by pinning the blame of growing unrest in Afghanistan against the US, president Obama has an opening for a more radical response to tightening the screws on Tehran short of open warfare.

By escalating tensions in Syria and now Iran, the US may wander into open conflict through low level warfare.

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