James Murdoch falls on his father’s sword

The crown of the Murdoch family empire has been summarily knocked off heir apparent James Murdoch’s head.

As the phone hacking scandal spreads to News Corp.’s television holdings, the younger Murdoch has been stripped of his functions at the mighty SkyBSky.

Observing the obligations of the Murdoch family’s code of filiopiety the younger Murdoch fell on his father’s sword, as a stalling measure to save Rupert Murdoch from a humiliating resignation.

But daddy’s turn is on the horizon, fear not.

As any child could see, the cancer of the hacking scandal is metastasising to other parts of the News Corp. Its stockholders may be uneasy, but they have not revolted. But, that, too, is in the cards, for they will eventually force the old tyrant out of power.

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