North Korea invites foreign journalists to satellite launch pad

North Korea has nothing to hide: it invited foreign journalists to visit the Tongchang ri launch site on its west coast.

The DRPK authorities also put on display the satellite it was going to launch in a few days, to commemorate the 100 birthday of founder Kim Il Sung.

The Kim Jung eun’s government’s openness should surprise: by inviting foreign journalists [see AP’s photos splashed across websites, television news, and front page of the world’s leading newspapers], Pyongyang is trying to debunk the malicious propaganda of the US, South Korea, and Japan that the launch had a military purpose, and therefore is a violation of contracts and international law.

North Korea’s attempt to put a peaceful use of putting a weather satellite into orbit–a satellite which would also broadcast patriotic tunes–might not get much traction in the face of the all plugs pulled out of the US propaganda machine.

The hostile US position reveals the weak hand of US North Korea policy that is a slave to revanchist South Korean designs to make the North implode on its own weight of a ‘failed state’. [It has not worked.]

The Obama administration has left itself with little or no wiggle room in dealing with North Korea. Its tack towards Pyongyang is a reflexion of another foreign policy failure–it is playing the same game with Iran, to little or no avail, short of war.

Since the DPRK is a nuclear state, the US cannot push too hard in a way it could with Iran.

Anxious days await us all.

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