To steal an election, South Korea’s Lee Myung bak raises specter of a North Korean nuclear test

Things do not look good for South Korea’s president Lee Myung bak: Wednesday [11 April 2012] parliamentary election do not favour returning his Grand National Party as majority.

Suddenly, the government has leaked word that North Korea is preparing for a third nuclear test on the DPRK’s east coast at Kilju. Of course, this rumour is unconfirmed, yet it has raised vigorous protest from the opposition Democratic United Party, which, according to polls, would beat the GNP on Wednesday.

The leak also serves another purpose: to take the winds out of Pyongyang’s sails as it prepares to launch a satellite from the west coast at the Tongchang ri space centre.

Will Lee’s scare tactics succeed? His government already lost control of Seoul in a mayoral election–a telling sign. His administration has come under the spot light of public enquiry for corruption. So, what better tactic to employ than a diversion and a lie to remain in power?

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